Some photos from a trip to Lizard's point Lighthouse (the most southerly point in the UK.
It's finally starting to heat up! April has been lovely, unfortunately the mornings of last week were rainy and grey, so even though the afternoons are gorgeous, the scarf says otherwise!!

I'm following the following pattern:
Top to bottom, March has been swinging forwards and backwards.. I was in my t-shirt and shorts one week, then back to gloves hat and scarf the next. I've bought some new colours too.. I imagine this will be happening throughout the year as yarns run out and new stock comes into the shops. Cream has become white, and my pale blue has split into a lighter blue for 25-50% blue days, and a mid blue for 50-75% blue days. 
Knitting this month gave me a good chance to learn how to read a knitting pattern. March also gave me plenty of opportunities to learn about Whisky. He is one naughty poodle who needs walking EVERY day! Even at 6 he's the life of the beach party. I've found some owners disapproving of how far off he runs, others impressed at his recall on command. Who knows?! He chewed right through my laptop cable, causing this blog to go on standstill, and causing his hair to go static for at least a week! He's started to wee indoors, even though we give him plenty of chances to go outside. I think he's testing our authority, and he gets a major telling off when he does it in front of us. Here he is ruining a lovely photo my friend took of the beach last week. 
Oh Whisky.. what AM I going to do with you?!
When did that happen? March has sprung up on me and we're heading towards a beautiful summer, Whisky is turning out to be a mischevious little poodle. He has chewed post, slippers and rolls of tape. He has finally started to eat out his bowl, but never the first time round, and then looks around like he's starving after he's finally got to the bottom of the bowl. I'm upping his exercise from 45min-1hr a day to 1 1/2 hrs minimum, this doesn't include the multiple times he's out chasing his ball, or pouncing on burnt chips. I start lunch time shifts at a local pub next week, I've told them 4 hrs max, but I will have to be up super early to give him enough exercise to get him relaxed when I go. I'm thinking 2 hrs of walk if I'm off to work, or I need to buy a bike pronto and get him running alongside me. Who'd have thought such a small 6 yr old dog could have limitless energy. 
Don't be fooled!
In the world of craft, my sky blanket is coming along nicely. I decided to use March as my chance to learn how to follow a knitting pattern, but still stick to just knit and purl. I found the perfect one here and even though I had to frog around 10 times, I'm finally getting the hang of following a pattern, and it's progressing nicely now. Yay!
So February didn't turn out quite as beige as I thought it would. We even had a solid 6 days of brilliant blue sky - albeit it was FREEZING the whole time! 

5 rainy mornings, but that's ok. My garden is missing the rain, it's March and my garden is bone dry!

8 peeks of blue and 9 overcast days, 
February's Sky Blanket piece.. reads right to left!
Oh, and here's Whisky's impression of a rabbit
I can now purl, which is brightening up this so far dark and windy February. Of course, mild weather has it's perks... I'm sure...someone help me here... but nothing says "Wake up, it's time to enjoy life!" like a brilliant blue sky. 

Learning purl has already started opening my eyes to more pattern ideas, for example I could knit-purl for a weekday and then knit-knit for a weekend - creating a much easier to read diary of the year. Something to consider for next year perhaps!
13 overcast
7 days of blue peeping around the clouds
6 disgustingly rainy and windy days (that's right - only 6!)
4 days of brilliant blue sky
& 1 day of snow!

What a brilliant January it's been. 
Slightly delayed week 3 photos:
It's been a very, very, overcast week. Full of nervous excitement...
and one day of snow, which I have subtly paid homage to using some shiny ribbon I found stashed away in the corner of my fabric cupboard
As for this week, I'm finding that I would very much like it to rain, which would reflect my mood much better than the blue I'm meant to knit this morning. I am feeling deflated, but the weather is tempting me to turn the compost. Perhaps things aren't so bad after all... 
This week has seen a massive improvement in the Cornish sky - we've had two days of brilliant blue skies while the rest of the UK has had snow hehe! No two days in a row have been the same... but the pa