When did that happen? March has sprung up on me and we're heading towards a beautiful summer, Whisky is turning out to be a mischevious little poodle. He has chewed post, slippers and rolls of tape. He has finally started to eat out his bowl, but never the first time round, and then looks around like he's starving after he's finally got to the bottom of the bowl. I'm upping his exercise from 45min-1hr a day to 1 1/2 hrs minimum, this doesn't include the multiple times he's out chasing his ball, or pouncing on burnt chips. I start lunch time shifts at a local pub next week, I've told them 4 hrs max, but I will have to be up super early to give him enough exercise to get him relaxed when I go. I'm thinking 2 hrs of walk if I'm off to work, or I need to buy a bike pronto and get him running alongside me. Who'd have thought such a small 6 yr old dog could have limitless energy. 
Don't be fooled!
In the world of craft, my sky blanket is coming along nicely. I decided to use March as my chance to learn how to follow a knitting pattern, but still stick to just knit and purl. I found the perfect one here and even though I had to frog around 10 times, I'm finally getting the hang of following a pattern, and it's progressing nicely now. Yay!


03/16/2013 3:20am

But But those eyes :) maybe you will have to gate him into the kitchen when you are out.


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