Isn't Whisky clever?! Unsurprisingly for any experienced poodle owners - this was the easiest trick yet!! My partner is calling it 'meercat' but I'm not sure it's a snappy enough name for a trick for him to associate it with the action. Any suggestions?

Now we're waiting for his leg muscles to strengthen up so he can walk on his hind legs.. SO CUTE!! At the moment he just jumps around and staggers like he's had one to many of his namesake!
He's also barking every time he hears a knock, so 'speak' is the next trick we plan for him! For anyone concerned about never ending barking - I've read during research that the best thing to do with unwanted traits (like pulling or barking) is to assign them a command (mush or speak respectively), so that you can let the dog release the desire to do the negative action, without reprimand. That way they know when to speak and when to shut up! Any opinions anyone?
Oh, and a photo of him on his grooming table (aka outdoors table) because I'm so proud of him for standing still for the first time while being groomed. He's obviously used to being clipped on a table and I'll stick with that set up from now on. Here he is before the clip, on the table, and after from both sides.
After many sleepless mornings with Whisky body slamming the living room door, does anyone have some suggestions for how to get him to settle into his routine here?


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