This beautiful bear Rose was rescued from the YMCA charity shop in Truro and will be on her way to foreign lands as part of a craftster "Little Visitor" swap. She'll be having advetures somewhere else, while our family gets a little visitor all of our own, who we can take out on dog walks, to the beach, to weddings, bbqs etc.. When our little visitors return they go home with a scrapbook of everything they did, which sounded just awesome to me. 
Rose has collected some shells on the beach
However, getting Rose's biography ready for her trip has been put on the back burner.. Whisky got very muddy and had to have a bath. He hated every minute of it, but look how fluffy he is now!
Someone's had a bath
A bit too fluffy actually, he's going to need a hair cut very soon, the weather is heating up and I can see him panting a touch on walks, and seeking out the shade. Bless! If only he wasn't such a scaredy cat dog!


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