Welcome to the craft room - it's little but with great light, and the best damn decoration I've ever seen - hehe!
The wall - I like owls, I like snowflakes! You can also see a paper marbling I did of an abstract heart tree, and a smidgeon of flower paint bunting
I like to keep it nice and tidy - since it's so small! So I clear up after every finished project. No, really I do! It's just some things live under the desk! I have a trick to cleaning up - it's called a "Sort this all out later" box. - It's the top box on the pile. As things get messy, I just dump them all in there. When the box is full, it's time to properly clear everything away. 

Do you have any equally sneaky tricks to keeping your craft room tidy?

You can also see my floor in this pic - it's an easy to clean carpet underlay upside down!

These are decorating the top of my gentleman's wardrobe (where I hide all my fabrics and tools!) You can see props for photographs, some simple collages. A couple of boxes I made, and some printed paper boxes.  
I also store my finisehd projects by hanging them up on the wall. You can see some ideas for cards, some paper marbling, tealight holders and collages. The flowers on the black background are actually a paper-cut design. I would like to take this further, but they take a LONG time to get just right!
My windowsill - containing an old photo of my parents, my first watercolour painting (from last week), and my cute friends "Number 2" and "Lamby"


01/20/2013 7:56pm

I love your craft room. At the moment I am still trying to set mine up, so mine is on the kitchen table (we do not use that one much) the coffee table & the lounge. Lol

Thank you for sharing. I love your window sill!!


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