I am SO HAPPY to finally show off all my hard crafting work from the past month - thank you for being so patient. I had such a good time crafting for the lovely Samsara, and received some incredible gifts in return (photos to come, pending her approval!)
I'm extra proud of this journal. The numbers relate to the percentage of "pea pulp" - the remainder being recycled paper. - from the looks of things, I think the 100 might be closer to 90, but that wouldn't make for a good story now would it!


08/04/2013 1:55pm

Hi Paper Beau!
I LOVE your idea of setting up a Craftster Swap (since that's where I came across your link!) with someone across the ocean! Your "About" page is particularly interesting and quite informative! I appreciate the confidence and courage it must have taken for you to organize your thoughts in such a thorough manner. If you would be interested, I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate on a destash/finished project, transcontinental swap, with wings!!!

08/04/2013 3:21pm


Get in contact with my on the craftster website and lets hook something up :D


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