Two pretty dresses... right? Except the yellow's lining barely covers your bottom, and the flowers' neckline is at least 10 years too old for me.
So.. I decided to combine them by turning the flowers into a slip for the yellow.. and walah..
This is the first time I've felt happy about the end result of a clothing project. I've asked for a sewing machine for christmas so I can have another go!! :) Finally.. Whisky's feeling left out with all the photos of Scarlett and none of him!


05/05/2013 4:31pm

I am really loving how you altered that dress. I have a few that are a bit see through that I may need to do this too!!

05/06/2013 6:16am

Oh thanks Amber Ann! The slip has hook and eyes up the top of the back to keep it in place, because the see-through section of the yellow dress was higher than my natural waist.. good luck with your alterings and let me know if you do do any - I'll head over to your blog and check them out for sure :)

05/13/2013 1:33am

What a great way to make an original piece! The final dress looks great, thanks for inspiration :) (I just need to learn how to sew now :D)


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