Having had a tough couple of days working over new years I'm treating myself to a natural bath using the gorgeous soap and scrub I bought from ClearConscienceSoaps. If you feel the same check out some of these great UK soap and smellies sellers I've been lusting after on Etsy. 
Big thank you going out to http://www.prettymuchpenniless.com/ - who featured my snowflakes this season in their blog. 

I had a great Christmas, my origami Christmas cards went down well and I was lucky enough to be given some great gifts, like a brilliant make-up bag from liberty, the first pair of jeans which have ever fit me (check out Levi's bold curve jeans if your jeans are tight to get on and then loose at the waist like my cheaper pairs in the past always were), and some brilliant handmade jewellery

Massively looking forward to working New Years. My partner's jazz band is performing at our pub this year, which will be great. I got to listen to them rehearse for 6 hours today while I moved my crafting into a south facing room to make the most of the sun.   

Now I can get on with the crafting and keeping an eye on pretty much penniless for tips to save money this year!