Here's my recycled jeans rug - I made it using recycled bamboo sticks as needles, with a simple stockinette stitch, and a knit 2 border on all 4 sides to stop it rolling.
Here's the purl side.. but I like the roughness of the knit side too!
The main time issue was that I didn't get a good graduation in colour the first time round, had to frog what I'd done, and make up my jeans-yarn (jarn?!) again. It was hard using the bits where the seams were, but I powered through, because I wanted as big a rug as possible for my jeans. What you see there is 2 pairs worth of fabric, but nice and thick to keep my feet warm in the kitchen. The thinner the strips, the easier it was, any thicker and  would have been tempted to try arm knitting 

Here's how I ended up arranging my strips before attaching them together, to make sure I got a graduated ombre effect: 
It's finally starting to heat up! April has been lovely, unfortunately the mornings of last week were rainy and grey, so even though the afternoons are gorgeous, the scarf says otherwise!!

I'm following the following pattern:
Some photos from one amazing trip to Perranporth :D
Top to bottom, March has been swinging forwards and backwards.. I was in my t-shirt and shorts one week, then back to gloves hat and scarf the next. I've bought some new colours too.. I imagine this will be happening throughout the year as yarns run out and new stock comes into the shops. Cream has become white, and my pale blue has split into a lighter blue for 25-50% blue days, and a mid blue for 50-75% blue days. 
Knitting this month gave me a good chance to learn how to read a knitting pattern. March also gave me plenty of opportunities to learn about Whisky. He is one naughty poodle who needs walking EVERY day! Even at 6 he's the life of the beach party. I've found some owners disapproving of how far off he runs, others impressed at his recall on command. Who knows?! He chewed right through my laptop cable, causing this blog to go on standstill, and causing his hair to go static for at least a week! He's started to wee indoors, even though we give him plenty of chances to go outside. I think he's testing our authority, and he gets a major telling off when he does it in front of us. Here he is ruining a lovely photo my friend took of the beach last week. 
Oh Whisky.. what AM I going to do with you?!