Inspired by LimeRiot's design this morning (see: ) I got to work on finishing my table cloth for my "man table".
I got the coasters from a previous flatmate who was throwing them out - crazy person for ever throwing things out! And I feel that the runner now links them into the table, so I'm happy about that. It's a very masculine table as you can see  

Here's a closer image of the final print: 
Meet Mr. Spikey the house Cactus
I made the runner from a sheet of fabric which is somewhere between jute and linen, artificially so I would guess - unless someone can tell me! I picked it up from a shop, knowing the texture was right but it was too plain on its own. I folded it over, and lacking a sewing machine I cheated with hemming tape. LimeRiot's design used fabric paint, and I think she got a really beautiful texture to her finished print. I used marbling inks I had lying around, because fabric paint was all the way at the shop and I already spent my craft budget on paintbrushes yesterday!

Following the technique shared by LimeRiot I printed the tablecloth with the ink. The marbling ink worked well, but the circles were 1)too "wet looking" and 2) far too dark for my taste to begin with, so I washed out the majority of the paint before sealing it with another run of the iron. 
Before I rinsed out the fabric
I'm really happy with the end effect, it's more subtle. If there was a next time I think I would try to recreate the coaster design using fabric paints. 


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